CV & References

Here is my experience and references.

June 2022 – July 2023

CTO Savvii BV

  • Merged 7 companies into one:
    • Savvii BV (previously a WordPress specialist)
    • MageHost BV
    • Skyberate BV
    • IPS BV
    • Mihos BV
    • De Hosting Makelaar BV
    • Managed customers of RealHosting / De Heeg
May 2012 – June 2022

CEO MageHost BV

  • Specialized Magento Hosting on our own dedicated hardware
  • Focus on performance and quality
  • We use techniques like Varnish and HaProxy
  • We are one of the top fastest Magento providers in Europe
  • MageHost BV was acquired by Your.Online (TWS) and merged into Savvii BV
March 2010 – Nov 2016

Freelance PHP and Perl Programmer, Linux expert
own company.  Jeroen Vermeulen BV

  • –
    • Hosting department of Jeroen Vermeulen BV
    • Since May 2012 we provide specialized Magento Hosting
    • Focus on performance and quality
    • We use techniques like Varnish and HHVM
    • We are one of the top fastest Magento providers in Europe
  • Byte
    • Byte is the leading Magento hosting company in the Netherlands
    • Freelance Hosting expertise
    • Freelance Magento expertise
  • Neckermann
    • Helped with the implementation of Solr search
    • They use the Solarium extension, that was developed by me
  • Hunkemöller –
    • Worked for them by order of Kega
    • Hunkemöller is in the Twinkle Top 100
    • Full implementation Varnish Cache
    • Tuning hosting cluster consisting of 5 servers with heavy load balancers
    • Optimization of speed
    • Improved server performance
    • Various troubleshooting
    • Support and explanation to Kega employees
  • Shoeby –
    • By order of  Kega
    • Implementation Varnish Cache
  • Any Lamp at be ch com de dk es fi fr it pl se uk
    • Winner FD Gazellen Award Brabant and Limburg
    • More than 20.000 unique visitors per day (sessions in Analytics)
    • 17 store views for different countries and languages ​​
    • Runs on HHVM
    • Hosting of the entire shop on our own servers of
    • Hosting and shop is powerful enough for advertising on Radio 538
    • Recently installed a new design
    • Regular advice on Magento and hosting matters
    • Speed ​​optimization (feel free to test)
    • Installation several extensions
    • Built in Adyen checkout
    • One Step Checkout
    • Guidance SAP connector
  • Bamigo
    • Global shop in bamboo fabric, under construction
    • Live site runs on HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine, fast PHP execution engine by Facebook)
    • Hosting on our own servers of
  • Comaxx
    • By order of Comaxx worked on Brabantia,
    • Various Magento expertise
    • Security and performance audit of
    • Realization of the high available Magento hosting platform, with a focus on performance
    • Linux expertise
    • Specialized fixes for
    • Expansion and improvement of DocData Magento Payment Extension
    • Design of Yum RPM repository
    • Worked in the team of solution architects
    • Cooperation with Agile Scrum team
    • Consultancy & Advice
  • Handyfloor
    • High performance hosting on our own servers of
    • Implementation Varnish cache
    • Speed optimization of different parts
    • Cooperation with external development team
  • OnderdelenWinkel
    • Developed a system for linking >23,000 Magento products to >300,000 machines
    • High performance hosting on our own servers of
    • Implementation Varnish cache
    • Speed optimization of different parts
    • Cooperation with external development team
  • Nedis
    • By order of Acknowledge
    • Global shop, wholesale electronics such as HQ and König
    • Built a fully redundant web cluster consisting of seven servers and two load balancers
    • HA Proxy, Solr, Percona MySQL
    • A lot of external links and synchronization
  • SwiftySite
    • New CMS with a revolutionary interface based on WordPress
    • We work with a team of developers
    • CanJS, jQuery, NoteJS
    • PHP, Perl
    • MongoDB, MySQL
  • Inter Performance
    • Full own shop system in PHP
    • Took over complete maintenance from previous supplier
    • Multiple shops
    • Extensive backend
    • Largely automated
    • Links with Google Shopping and other comparison sites
    • Soon a new design
  • 3PIX –
    • Worked on
    • Magento Webshop
    • Ogone link
    • Customer Loyalty System
    • Tell-a-friend system with reward
    • Advice and guidance from the beginning
  • Philips Customer Support
    • Web Development in Perl
    • Made large amounts of manuals, etc. available on the web
    • System for the FAQs of all consumer divisions of Philips
    • Linux shell development
    • Apache web server configuration
    • High traffic
    • High availability
    • Large databases
  • Internet Bureau Torwald
    • Worked on
    • Automatically generated menus in Magento based on attributes and categories
    • Speed ​​Optimization, very large Magento shop
    • Ability to subscribe to the newsletter during checkout, even as a guest
    • Special stock indicator per product
    • Custom made layered navigation
    • Establish staging area
    • Various minor changes
    • Custom SOAP interface with POS system
    • Various Magento expertise
  • RB Design
    • Worked on
    • Magento Professional installation, configuration and optimization
    • GPS / Google Maps based choice of dealer in Magento.
    • The choice of dealer is also visible in the emails to the customer and in the back-end
    • Custom made Magento Extension
    • Custom MySQL database that is linked to FileMaker
    • Various Magento expertise
  • Veda
    • Full custom built extension for calculating table linen
    • Solution for special shipping
    • Ability to determine the sorting of the products
    • Cooperation with web agency
  • Glimp
    • Establish additional Magento shop
    • Both sites use the same back-end / database
    • Custom filter for which products should be shown
    • The templates use the right data automatically
    • Various modifications
    • Search Engine Optimization / SEO
  • Skill Source
    • Made use of Zend Framework, PHP and XML
    • Online connector between each Magento webshop and online accounting software
    • The Magento extension is available through Magento Connect
    • Solved various conflicts between different Magento extensions for users of
  • Frank Ouweneel
    • New website with CMS and shop in Magento, based on existing design.
    • Installation and configuration of various high-end laptops for giving presentations to large audiences
    • Automation Advice
    • Helpdesk
January 1, 2007 – April 30, 2010

Senior programmer and head of technology at WHITE new media architects in Valkenswaard.

Formerly called Toneworks Studios

  • Programmed in PHP, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Development to the own application framework ‘NetCenter’ in PHP and MySQL
  • Technical design and realization of the entire web shop backend ‘NetShop’
  • Full implementation of a reusable, modular and extensible catalog system for web shops
  • Realization of a universal POS system for web shops, including links to Ogone and iDeal
  • The maintenance of several highly successful online shops
  • Complete web hosting set-up on own Linux servers based on CentOS and Ubuntu
  • Various custom applications for customers, based on an own MVC application framework
  • Construction of a JavaScript library with reusable functions
  • Set-up of a full custom PHP function library including error handling
  • Control and supervision of junior programmers
  • Establishing and maintaining versioning in SubVersion – for both Linux and Windows
January 1, 2002 – December 31, 2006

Senior programmer and head of technology at Alphamegahosting in Valkenswaard.

  • Developed mainly in Perl
  • I founded this company in 2001 with Robert Heessels
  • It is still a very successful hosting company with 12 employees
  • Configuration and management of about 100 Linux servers, both hardware and software
  • Installation and management of BGP routers from Juniper and Cisco, including fail-over
  • Automated all kinds of things, in order to have as little handwork as possible, from server management to invoicing
  • Development of CMS systems Kant-en-Klaar and WebGUI in CGI Perl
  • Partial development of the accounting system
  • Built up a functions and classes library from reusable components in Perl
  • Developed private servers to scan e-mail for spam and virus, high volume.
  • Brainstorming and business development

June 1, 2001 – 1st January 2002

  • Co-founder and developer of web host WebShepherds in Valkenswaard, which still exists and is called Alphamegahosting (see above).
1999 – 2001

Developer at FKKC in Eindhoven

  • This company is now called Kerosine Creative Fuel
  • Worked mainly in Perl and HTML
  • Cutting up and realizing many websites
  • Scripting of various systems for clients
  • System management
  • Management of hosting accounts
1997 – 1999

Part time computer, server and network engineer at APD Computers in Bladel

  • This company is now called APD ICT
  • System management, including Novell Networks and NT 4.0
  • Computer repair
  • Building computers
  • Various automation for clients
1995 – 1999

  • Part time computer repair and sales at ACC Computers in Eindhoven
1992 – 1995

  • Repairing and selling bought up computers through the Snuffelkrant (Rummage Gazette)
  • Repair and installation of several computers from family and friends.
1994 – 1997

  • Helping at system management in school, Were Di College
1988 – present

  • Home pioneering with all kinds of hardware and software. Repairing given computers at a young afe and writing small programs.

Open Source

Rehoboth Christian Centre –

  • Executive Board member, Engineering department
  • Control of the technical team and facility
  • Worked mainly in PHP, jQuery and JavaScript
  • Development of own projector system that uses Zend Framework and jQuery AJAX
  • Used long polling technique for AJAX updates
  • Establishing and maintaining versioning in Git, including GitWeb. Both Linux and Windows workstations.
  • Linux and Windows system management
  • Several audio technology
  • Electrical technology


  • 1997 – 2001 HBO Higher Study Computer Science at Fontys in Eindhoven. Diploma with specialization in Computer Science
  • 1993 – 1997 HAVO at Were Di College in Valkenswaard. Diploma.